Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I am jack's mistake-making polymerase

I am jack's point mutation

Social Darwinism,
I don't know if I have the right definition, but I don't care.
The effect of natural selection like evolution within society, within culture.
The interaction between society and evolved traits. and back again.

Marxism "died out" because it didn't recognize the individual's utter devotion to it's own offspring. Society selected for interactions that increased the chance of individuals reproducing. As one ant expert put it, Marxism was a "Wonderful theory. Wrong species."

There are also explanations for various cultures living happily in coexistence with one another due to their niche fulfillment in resource consumption. But I meander.

The point is:
Of course we can't get everything right all the time. And what might be good in the short run (even if it is entirely selfless) may have long term consequences that can't be seen.
So what do we do?

I want to create mutations. within society. small ones (point mutations for you biologists) that don't necessarily damage anything short term, but that will spread and grow if they are beneficial.

These aren't meant to become widespread, or else they defeat their purpose of being novel and adaptive.

I am the mutation in jack's great, great, ... great, grandmother that gave jack's lineage bilateral symmetry.

I could also be jack's oncogene...

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