Monday, December 8, 2008

I like what the world can do...

Looking for a couch?
Trying to get rid of a sofa?
Don't want to get off your chesterfield to do so?
Then go to the fields in chester,
Where the sofas grow green and strong,
All couched in low low prices.

Open source process

(not really "open-source" as such, but it's a buzz-word which makes things fun)

The question:
What happens when you keep a public journal or blog as you work through a project or problem?

I just read the blog a guy kept of his summer code project ( ) and realized that now anyone can learn from his process. Neat. Not that you can learn everything, but some things can be picked up.
Remember when older/educational sorts would suggest that you keep a record of your experiences so as to learn from them? Well now everyone can learn from them.

Now that blogs are easy to get and keep (Thank-you Google!) anyone can start one for any project they desire, all the details of maintenance are abstracted away so that they can just focus on their own project and writing up the occasional details.

As I see it, this would allow people to learn from others' process, something that usually disappears and is never seen again. Which means that less experiences/information is lost and general human 'knowledge' and 'experience' 'increase' faster. I don't see why this is a bad thing, and maybe it'll be a good thing.