Thursday, January 1, 2009

Things that were learnt in conversation:

Separation of work and work-environment. There are many aspects to any activity/learning/work, you could enjoy the content of what you are doing but hate the people you are working with. In the vast majority of cases it would be possible to find a similar situation that changes just that part that you don't like. It is possible to learn from activities you do and don't enjoy in an attempt to build up a better understanding of what works well for you in various areas of life.

That some people (related to me) prefer to have some starting point or an existing project to build on in self-directed work of their own. For example, the uncle-that-lectures prefers to build on an existing curriculum (no matter how terrible it is), than to come up with his own. I remember thinking something similar before about myself, but I forgot it. I do feel that there is something similar in me.

The best ideas are those that come up on a regular basis, so don't worry about writing brainwaves down immediately, they'll come back if they're actually any good.

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