Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Living vs. Doing

I had a chat recently where the diffusion of ideas came up as a topic. Discussion around how best to get something done.
Is it possible to pick the best way of doing things?
Or can we let ideas diffuse and allow for natural selection of what's best?

I've recently found that I'm more comfortable with focusing on living over pushing a common best approach on others.

In a practical sense, baking bread over solving poverty.

If I do my thing and let others do their thing, will things all work out ok?
In any case, I seem to help most as a sounding board. Listening, asking questions, supporting, and critiquing constructively. Or not even being involved, just uprooting trees and eating.

Maybe I'm getting old(er). What I know of developmental psychology suggests that this transition from novel/broad/revolutionary pushing to supporting/suggesting/living is part of normal/biological/human aging.

Or I could just be lazy and unmotivated.
Where's the line between not pushing to make an impact and not having anything to do?
Do we live to try to make a difference?
Do we do to have something to live for?

(I'm still blogging existential angst late at night, so I can't be done with the developmental stage (ie. teenageryness) just yet right? :)

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