Friday, May 21, 2010

a script to tweet my experiences into memories

so I started by watching a TED talk on the differences between the 'experiencing self' and the 'remembering self'. The general distinction made was that every moment of you life is interpreted, and responded to, by the part of you that experiences things - while the remembering self if composed of your memories.

So, for example, if your doctor asks you if you can feel anything when she taps your knee, she's talking to your experiencing self. Whereas if she asks how your knee felt after you ran a marathon last weekend, she's talking to your remembering self.

There is some interesting fuzzyness that pops up if you accept this distinction. Example fuzzyness: your decisions in the moment are based on your experiences in the past (you can't say you knee hurts if you don't know what hurting feels like, and if you don't know what your knee usually feels like), and your memories are interpreted and built by your experiences as they happen (everything that is a memory is an experience first).

Anyhoo, I was thinking about this, and then I wanted to post a link to the video to my facebook page. Which immediately struck me as an attempt of my experiencing self (me watching something on the computer) to save/remember/permanentize the experience into my memory (my facebook page, which holds a variable collection of thoughts that I think are worth holding onto and sharing). Thus I saw me and my online presence enacting what the talk was talking about.

The fact that the remembering side of things has been computerized by using facebook ( you could also use files or myspace or twitter) leads me to wonder if the 'deciding what to save' portion could also be computerized. Could write a computer program or script to: evaluate my experiences as they happen, give everything a value, and then post the most 'valued' ones on twitter? It seems at least possible to me with my current ability and experience.

Would this script rely on the memories to evaluate future sets of inputs?
Could the 'experiencing self' be analogous to the environment/program that runs the script in that it just interprets the script line by line and has no real long term memory outside the files it saves (ie it's memories)?
would something like this be some sort of artificial intelligence?