Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thanks Mum!

So I really just work better when I am well fed. I was brought up being fed homemade food for the vast majority of my meals, and learning a bit about cooking for myself in the process. This is mostly due to my dear mummy staying at home on a regular basis and spending a fair chunk of time in the kitchen making breakfast, lunch, and dinner for three boys and my dad.

So: Thanks Mum! For staying at home and cooking on a regular basis, and not going out and doing something silly like getting a highly paid job as is your right as an equal citizen. I appreciate this more than anything else, and feel like it is the best thing you could have done for me. I respect you more for this than if you were a published physicist or a successful activist or a rich CEO.

(There's actually another letter like this that I need to write. It's exactly the same as this except it says thank you for: taking me hiking and orienteering and camping, and limiting the access I had to a computer and tv.)

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