Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Open process

In open source software, the sources code is made available to anyone who is interested. This means that I can go and look at the source code of, say, Firefox, and see how it works. Which means I can learn from it! YAY!

What if someone keeps a regular diary of their activities throughout a project and makes that publicly available? Perhaps someone can learn from that? Let's call it 'open process'.

I have a friend who is in interaction design who keeps really good records of what she is working on. She generally doesn't make it public, but I've had the chance to look through them (with her consent of course!), and I've learnt a lot from reading that. Not completely open process, but sharing one process so others can learn. Having people to learn from is one of the reasons I keep my friends around! :P

I've done this before with the MyHomeYourHome project here:

Now I'm sort-of doing it for a directed studies course at University. It's not just my process, or all of it, but it's a regular blog about what I've been working on written for my friends/collaborators, and the prof who is supervising the course. It's also written for you! If you find it interesting, maybe you can learn something from it (then you can be one of my friends too!).