Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Masahito Yoshida is walking through Vancouver currently. He has walked from Tokyo to Portugal, and then from Toronto to Vancouver, over the last couple years.

His Japanese blog: http://alkinist.blog111.fc2.com/
His English blog: http://alkinist2.blog135.fc2.com/

I got to meet him this last weekend as he walked the last two hundred kilometers to Vancouver. The distance that I drove in a couple hours will take him four days to walk.

He pulls a cart with all his belongings and is an IT engineer.

The parents of the family I lived with in my second year of university have done equally long distances but on bicycle, and they met him two years ago. Since then they helped him plan his trip across Canada and will be housing him for a couple nights before he goes to Australia.
Chris and Margo's bike blog: http://legacyweb.triumf.ca/people/oram/cycling/

All very neat people!